Ital-Plastick Experience and Technology:
the service for your business.
Founded in 1963 as manufacturer of PVC profiles, Ital-Plastick is today a leader in the industry of windows, active nationally and internationally. An entrepreneurial reality dynamic and avant-garde that, taking advantage of the knowhow acquired over almost fifty years of activities, it is proposed to the market as a reference point in the production of window systems, shutters and doors. Not only. In addition to different solutions and advanced product, capable of satisfying any request of the end user in the field of PVC, the globality of the Ital-Plastick offer includes also the extrusion of profiles and a complete range of machinery and equipment for the production and processing of PVC fixtures.
Miter saws and conveyors as well as cleaning and milling machinery, end milling and screwdrivers, but also curve profiles equipment, workbenches and glazing, mounting hardware complete centers: as producer, Ital-Plastick has developed a full proposal and articulated machines ready to effectively simplify the entrance of every window and door manufacturer in the PVC sector. This proposal, in addition to the sale and supply of equipment for the production and processing of PVC, also provides space optimization requires the insertion the same, suggesting the window manufacturers already operating layouts that optimize specific productive surfaces pre-existing.